Fernando González (Soul)

Chef Fernando González is the person behind this project.

Many have been his influences and continue to be so but as is often the case, his first great reference you have to look for it in the family. He has been taught the best known way for getting things working well, the self-discipline and constant improving is the key. That is why the search for excellence is one of the pillars that sustain its daily activity.

On the other hand, Fernando has had the opportunity to complement his cooking studies while working in the restaurants around the world. Thanks to this he has been able to combine techniques used in other cuisines with his passion for traditional Basque one, creating a cuisine with roots but full of cosmopolitan influences.

All this leads us to the fact that Fernando presents a very intuitive proposal, the result of his reflections and knowledge but that is nourished by what he feels, his background, influences and tastes. And of course his enthusiasm, empathy, professionalism and willingness to take care of every detail in order to provide our guests with a unique gastronomic experience.