About us (The Spirit + Earth)

At the restaurant La Revelia we do what we do first of all thanks to the surrounding, offering creative signature cuisine as well sustainable and inspired by the essence of traditional cuisine. We are pursuing the idea to cook the traditional cuisine in a different way while working with the highest quality raw material supplied by our vendors, most of them from nearby farms. Our kitchen is highly conditioned by the temporality of the product used, to be able to enjoy it in its optimal conditions and thus be able to appreciate all its qualities.

À la carte or through the tasting menu, visiting La Revelia is to find the fascination in each dish, the world of changing sensations in a one plate elaborated according to the season and updated recipes that invite you to repeat once again the visit. We are not in favor of a static menu and the appearance of new products according to seasonality is always a stimulus to modify the menu, complete it with more arguments and pursue more enhanced and elevated flavors.

According to our spirit, the restaurant is located in the heart of a forest, in an old house called “Azkarraga” in the Aldana neighborhood of Amorebieta, Basque Country. Being a building in ruins and having a certain freedom in terms of design and materials, the “rehabilitation” project took the form of a construction with a very careful, contemporary and minimalist architecture, which blends into its surroundings.

La Revelia was born to make you feel at home, that is why we welcome you. Ongi etorri!